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 “My oldest son started at the Socastee Montessori at the age of 18 months and has grown leaps and bounds over the past four years.  Now in the kindergarten program, he is reading at a first grade level and comes home from school with an excitement to share with us everything he learned during the day.  My youngest son began at 10 weeks old.  The staff at Socastee Montessori made me feel reassured and confident that my infant was in excellent hands; his teacher was not a “babysitter” like is often the case in traditional day cares, but was a nurturer who engaged him in infant activities and showered him with genuine affection.  The curriculum at the Socastee Montessori School focuses on the child’s level of development by making learning fun and exciting while at the same time being challenging and engaging in a small classroom environment.  But perhaps most importantly, the teachers at Socastee Montessori School are warm and loving, they know all of the students in school, not just their own, and welcome them all with open arms.”    

Mrs Gedney
(Proud mother of two SMS children)


"We are overwhelming pleased with the Socastee Montessori School. Our 3 year old daughter has been enrolled since she was 8 months old and has really excelled under the guidance of the Socastee Montessori staff. Lydia and Reggie have created a caring, family style Montessori learning environment that we felt safe leaving our daughter in from day one. The Socastee Montessori School has been a blessing for our daughter and family."

Mr & Mrs Sawyer


As soon as we walked into the Socastee Montessori School we automatically felt its warm, welcoming and comfortable environment.  We knew it was "just right" when we observed the children's art and photos on the wall, and met the kind and nurturing staff.  We had looked at many other "recommended" schools in the area for our toddler, but chose Socastee Montessori because it is not a's a school. Since beginning school 6 months ago, our daughter's vocabulary has increased exponentially.  She continues to amaze us every day with how much she has learned and we look forward to seeing all the arts and crafts as well as lessons she completes each day.  Mrs. Lydia and all of the teachers at Socastee Montessori have not just been teachers but have become an extension to our family.”

Mr and Mrs Collins

“Our daughter enjoys Socastee Montessori School, and she is learning many new skills. Her grandfather, a retired teacher, is very impressed that our four-year-old can write all the letters of the alphabet and write down long words that we spell out for her.”

Mr & Mrs Giery 


“I am a first time mom, and I was a stay at home for the first year of my daughter’s life. When I decided to go back to work full-time, I was not only very picky, but also extremely apprehensive at the thought of anyone else caring for my daughter other than me. A family member in the childcare industry had recommended that I check into the Montessori program in my area. She had done a great deal of study on the program and raved about it. Long and short, enrolling my 17-month-old daughter in Socastee Montessori was THE ABSOLUTE BEST DECISION that I have made up until this point in her life. I mean that truly and sincerely. The love that is expressed to my daughter and the care that is given to her on a daily basis brings me to tears-literally. She has not only grown academically but socially. To see her become this independent, beautiful child warms my heart with such joy. She was a quiet child often referred to as a “serious baby” and since she started at Socastee Montessori, she has BLOOMED tremendously. At such a young age, she is ready to go every morning with book bag on her back and waving “bye-bye” out the door. Her language skills and ability to do day-to-day personal tasks on her own would blow you out of the water for her age. But what makes me melt the most is that every day when I pick her up she will not leave until she waves to her classmates, her teacher, Ms Stacie, and stops at Ms Lydia’s office to give her a kiss. She does this on her own. Every day. My daughter is filled with love and she is filled with love because of me and my husband, but she is growing and blooming in love at Socastee Montessori. She is becoming her own person and it is in this simple loving act of saying good-bye to her classmates and teacher I see everyday that I know she is indeed in the best place she could be.”

Mrs Brooke Vaught

We were introduced to SMS by a close personal friend who told us nothing but great things for the school. We had our children in a daycare but were intrigued by what we heard so we just had to go and check it out for ourselves. Well, let me tell you, Ms. Lydia and Mr. Reggie had us from hello! The facility is neat, orderly and inviting. The staff open, professional and caring. We signed our children up immediately and have not regretted that decision one time. Our children have learned so much and have blossomed under their care. SMS is a family. Everyone there makes you and your children feel special. There is only one bad thing about SMS, and that is that eventually our children grew up and we had to say good bye to them and move into public school. It was a very hard time and our children still get excited just driving close to the school. They and us have many fond memories of our time there and we cherish Lydia, Reggie and all of their family. 

Michelle and David Knipes


We have been part of Socastee Montessori School for the past 5 years now. We could not ask for a better group of teachers and caregivers. The quality of care and education that our children have received is above and beyond what we could ever expect. Socastee Montessori is our second family and we are so blessed that we chose them to care for our children.  


Justin & Kelly Brooks



What you did meant a lot. Thanks so much.  You inspire the joy of learning every day.


Hyatt family



Dear Lydia - Thank you so much for being Nathan’s Teacher and for helping him grow over the past 4 years. We look to you as part of the family.  He loves you just like us.  We appreciate your patience and guidance over the years. Bless you and your family for years to come.  We will miss you.


The McClures

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