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 3 infants in the infant and toddler program



Our infant and toddler program is designed for children 3 to 24 months old. It is a safe, supportive environment which introduces the child to the Montessori classroom in a small, intimate setting. We create a home like atmosphere and build trust and provide lots of love and care. In an environment prepared especially for them, children begin to explore the world. They learn to communicate with others, establish self-control and develop social responsibilities which are important skills to master. 

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Our preschool programs are for children in the age group of 2 to 5 years. Children are grouped according to age and classrooms are made up of 10 or less children. The classroom is adapted to the developmental needs of each child. Activity areas are designed and made available for children to work at their chosen times and areas of interest. Activities emphasize the process of discovery and instill an enduring love of learning. Older children focus on independent thinking, problem solving and cooperative learning. A diverse Montessori curriculum help children master the various facets of education which is reinforced through use of the materials and group activities. 


Graduating class to kindergarten



Children are given ample time and space to explore and work at their own pace and in their own learning style. The children work independently as well as receive lessons individually with the teacher or in small groups. Group lessons happen at each day's meeting. The focus of the program is to support the social and emotional development and encourage independence and thinking/reasoning skills. Practical living skills, education of the senses, mathematics, language, science (biology, botany and experimentation), culture, history and art are all taught in a well-prepared environment designed to encourage respect, self-discipline, and peaceful resolution of differences. Enrichment classes include movement and music. The children also spend time daily in our outdoor environment, where they socialize, play and learn many ground rules for life. This class is the culminating experience of our children in our School and we prepare them well for advancement and transition to a traditional or Montessori first grade.


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Exercises of Practical Life: This focuses on daily living activities that help develop a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. Children develop elementary movements (coordination, concentration, attention to details, working habits), social relations and looking after oneself (washing, polishing, sorting, personal care) with emphasis on order, coordination and positive discipline.


Sensorial: This encourages children to use their five senses to develop classification and discrimination skills. Children work on motor coordination and activities directed to develop intellectual growth and senses, learning shapes, sizes, colors, sounds, texture, weight, recognizing difference in temperatures etc.


Math: Montessori provides a hands-on approach to number concepts, quantity and recognition. Children learn counting up to ten (or more as appropriate to age), addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using Montessori materials and concepts like proportion, computation using decimal beads.


Language: Our program is designed to give children a firm grounding in perceptual-motor, pre-reading, and pre-writing, verbal development and readiness skills. We also help children with simple oral conversations, sounds of individual alphabets and simple words etc. that are age appropriate.


Social Studies, Botany & Geography: Montessori materials help children recognize and master land formations, (island, peninsular and isthmus) together with water, air, plant (seed, parts of a tree, a leaf and a flower) and animal life. Children are introduced to basic American History and nature study. 

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